Couple Centered Doula Support


Do you want…

  • Your birth to be a private, intimate experience?

  • Your partner to be your primary focus during your birth?

  • Your partner to feel comfortable and confident in supporting you?

  • The insight and knowledge of a highly trained and experienced doula with you through pregnancy and birth?

  • Someone to reach out to if you need suggestions?

  • Someone to remind you of everything you learned prenatally, when the big day comes?

  • To know you are never alone through the pregnancy, birth, or postpartum?

    Couple Centered Doula Care gives you all of this in a very affordable package!

What is it?


With Couple Centered Doula Care you will have a doula in your pocket at all times. Medical practitioners are not always available, and we don’t always want to ask friends or family; But your doula is always there for you. I offer unlimited, 24hr a day phone, text, and email support throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I will meet with you and your partner prenatally, in the comfort of your own home, to teach you both everything I have found truly useful and important from over a decade of attending births, and a wide variety of classes and trainings. You will be given worksheets and cheatsheets to help you prepare, and to bring with you on the big day. We will practice comfort techniques, labor & pushing positions, and exercises to get baby into an optimal position. We will write up your birth plan together, and if anything happens to change that plan I will be there to help you choose the new path that feels best for you.

We will discuss how to communicate with staff, things to look out for, the wide range of normal labors, what birthing in your chosen facility (or home) will look like, language and vocabulary you will likely hear, effective pushing, how to avoid tearing, newborn care, caring for yourself postpartum, self care for partners during labor, natural ways to augment labor, and so much more. We will check in as your labor begins, and I will be available to talk throughout the process - day or night - to help you understand what is happening, give your partner advice on how best to support you, remind you of things you learned in our meetings, answer questions, offer guidance, and help bring you both peace of mind and the space to have the intimate experience you desire.

Your care does not drop off after your baby arrives. This period of time is so important, and I believe it is crucial for families and babies to get a healthy and happy start. Whether it is sleeping, feeding, pumping, cleaning, germs, guests, older siblings, or recovery from birth, new parents have a lot on their mind. I am available as much as you need during this time, to answer questions and offer assistance, as you adjust to life with a newborn.

I am also a certified herbalist, and am always available to offer you herbal advice or create healing products for you if needed.

What is Included?

  • Unlimited phone, text, and email support prenatally, for anything that is on your mind

  • Access to a doula and herbalist 24 hours a day

  • In home prenatal meetings to learn everything you need for a beautiful, couple centered, birthing experience

  • Assistance making choices for your birth plan, as well as samples to help inspire you

  • Knowledge of what to expect in your chosen birth setting

  • A doula at your fingertips throughout your labor process

  • An in home postpartum visit, to make sure you and baby are adjusting well and to answer any questions you may have

  • Unlimited phone, email, and text support for as long as you need after baby is born

  • A lifetime 20% off discount on all herbal and healing products

  • $100 off placenta encapsulation

Proudly serving New Hampshire, Massachusetts , and Vermont!