Jessica's Testimonials


Yamani Smith-Murrell
What can I say about this amazing lady. Our experience with Jess was beyond beautiful. She literally became apart of the family over night. To be so young she is sooooo professional. Made us feel at ease during the whole process, which is big being that this was our first child. She stayed with us through a 28hr labor and capture pictures that touched our soul. She is definitely our lifetime doula as long as we are still having kids haha. I would recommend her to any and everyone. So awesome!!!

Danielle Marquis Patterson 
Jessica is an incredibly talented photographer and an amazing doula. She is so professional and wise beyond her years. She is reliable and extremely hard-working. Often times she's our go to for a variety of tasks because she has such a can-do attitude. She photographed the birth of our son Alister and did an amazing job. It was priceless having someone there to capture these moments and to take the coordination off of me. We continue to use her as our family photography and treasure the lasting relationship we've formed with her. I enthusiastically recommend her

Allison Trudeau
Thank you Jessica for doing such a great job on my daughter's 2 month photos! And thanks for being so quick with sending them after editing! You're so good at what you do, you'll go very far in this profession.. you were so prepared and knowledgeable, and you're so good with babies! I think the shoot went so well because you're a calm and kind person. Can't believe she fell asleep multiple times for us! It couldn't have gone more perfect. Thanks again! You'll be seeing us again

Kayla Roach
I had such a great experience with Jessica. The day my daughter was born, she had another birth just hours before. When she got to my room she was focused and all about us and ready to do whatever was asked of her. And the pictures she got were so amazing.

Sandra Byrd
Unfortunately, our birth did not go as planned and ended in an emergency c-section. Jessica was at the hospital until early morning and caught a lot of images afterwards that helped me remember what had happened. She chatted with my husband (and apparently me, but I was out of it) and helped us relax after an unexpected, scary moment for us.

Taylor Plessinger
I was honored to have Jessica as a photographer during the birth of my daughter last October 2016. She was literally a fly on the wall, but given her experience in birth, in moments I would make eye contact with her, she made me feel so calm, and really helped me get into the moment instead of being fearful of labor pains and the unknown being a first time mom. (don't even know if she knows this!!) but I *highly* recommend Jessica. My birth photos turned out amazing, she caught all the moments I never even imagined being able to physically hold on to for a lifetime. She's passionate about her work, and exudes confidence.