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We Believe...

all women should have access to holistic education, compassionate support, and movement practices that help you stay grounded, aware, and confident during this incredibly empowering and transformational time in your life. 

Amber Therrien - Owner

I believe that every birth is an invaluable opportunity  to find healing and empowerment as you encounter the magnitude of your own strength, while trusting in your body and inner wisdom. Every  person giving birth, and every birth itself, is vastly different and I will support you in the way you need in your situation. As your doula I strive to always provide unbiased and  up-to-date information, while also focusing on truly understanding my clients and their wishes, concerns, and priorities. I also believe that it is imperative that a doula respect the role of her client's partner and other loved ones that will be present at the birth, and aim to facilitate connection and a positive experience for them as well. A doula's role is not to empower those she serves, because that power can only come from within,but rather to give them the tools and support they need to find their own innate fortitude.


  • DONA International Birth Doula Training

  • Completed Hypnobirthing classes

  • Completed Bradley Method Class

  • Certified for Rebozo use

  • Basic Midwifery Skills course

  • Trained Hypnodoula

  • ServSafe food handlers safety course

  • OSHA - Bloodborne Pathogens & Infection Control for Placenta Encapsulations

Services Offered: 

  • Prenatal/Birth/Postpartum Doula Support

  • Placenta Encapsulation

  • Childbirth Education

  • Women's Healing Arts Classes

Serving Central and Southern NH through Boston and the Coast!

Maria Lucia - Assistant Director

I believe that childbirth is one of the most profound experiences in a person's life. As your doula, my intent is to work alongside you and your support network to help facilitate this beautiful and empowering occasion in whatever ways you deem important. Every birth is different, as are every mother's needs in the process, and I strive to respond to those needs with compassion, patience, and strength. I have two children of my own, the first born by cesarean section, the second - a doula-assisted hospital VBAC. 

 My own birth experiences taught me how delicate birth can be for all involved; they inspired me to walk this path, stand up for the rights of mothers and families everywhere, and lead the ICAN of Central and Southern NH chapter. Still, I am always humbled to bear witness to the moment a mother sees her baby for the very first time.



  • New York University, B.S. in Nutrition & Food Studies - 2004

  • DONA International Birth Doula Training - 2015

Services Offered:

  • Birth Doula

  • Postpartum Doula


Serving Central and Southern NH

Kristen Page - Doula


I am a mother to a feisty 5 year old who is my entire world. I practice gentle parenting, and believe wholeheartedly in the attachment parenting model. I support extended breastfeeding, safe co-sleeping, evidence based decisions on vaccines and medical interventions, and am an intactivist. I believe in serving and empowering women and families as they make the transition into parenthood and have carried passion for this for many years.
Because of my passion I specialize in working with families (not just women, but also partners) who have suffered birth trauma, sexual trauma, suffer from PTSD and anxiety, though I am happy to work with women of all backgrounds as they pass into parenthood.  z

(Owner at Red Orchid Doula)



  • CAPPA - 2016

  • Rebozo certification - GSD

Continued Education Credits:

  • Prenatal Mental Health: What All Perinatal Professional Need to Know

  • Supporting natural Childbirth in the Hospital Setting

  • Business & marketing for Birth Professionals

  • Your Long-Term Career as a Mother-Baby Professional: Preventing Burnout and the Practice of Self-Care

  • How to Help Families get Evidence Based Care

Services Offered:

  • Birth Doula


Photo Credit:  Mindful Mama Birth

Photo Credit: Mindful Mama Birth

Serving Central and Southern NH through Boston and the Coast!

Stephanie Bythrow - Birth & Postpartum Doula


Stephanie is a trained DONA International birth and postpartum doula, as well as a HypnoBirthing® Practitioner. She worked as a volunteer doula at Massachusetts General Hospital with low income and at-risk patients before joining Joyful Birthing in the spring of 2018. Stephanie has trained with Spinning Babies® and is rapidly expanding her practice as a birth and postpartum doula. Working as a nanny for 9+ years has provided extensive experience supporting families with very small children and first-hand understanding of the honor it is to share in the most intimate family moments.


Training & Experience:

  • DONA International

  • Hypnobirthing Practitioner

  • Joyful Birthing Doula

  • Spinning Babies

  • 9+ Years nannying experience

Services Offered:

  • Birth Doula

  • Postpartum Doula